HandsDown Digital


Bringing clarity to digital lending

At Handsdown Digital, we elevate the relationship between consumers and their lending institution. Borrowers can message a loan officer or upload mortgage documents directly to the application. Our technology is built with convenience, security, and education in mind.  


Digital technology has given us convenience at our fingertips. Order a cab, watch a film, adjust your heating at home, all on your phone. Why not find a lender and apply for a loan?

Through our platform, lenders and borrowers can communicate instantaneously. It allows customers to upload documents electronically and track their application whenever they want. A well designed interface provides a framework to guide customers through their application with engaging educational content along the way. 

Everything just moves faster, and when things move faster, you close faster. Less overhead, more applications, happier customers. Our platform will move you into the digital age.


A bank depends on security, whether we’re talking a 20 foot vault door or the latest data encryption. But here’s the thing, a mortgage through our technology adds security.

Our platform is built with security at the forefront; that’s a given. The 256 bit encryption means it’s impenetrable even to suave British guys with a penchant for vodka Martini. Neither shaken nor stirred.

Even better, because all communication is handled through the platform and documents are uploaded directly to the interface, there’s nowhere for sensitive data to go missing.  No ‘shoot, wrong address’ or ‘dang where’d I put that?’


Communication & Education

With an analog application the customer doesn’t always understand what is expected of them. By going digital, you’re giving them the tools to help themselves.

Engaging educational material is embroidered into the very fabric of the platform. At any particular point there is in the moment information to guide the way. Enlightening videos, bright animation and illuminating infographics make the process more manageable.

If a borrower thoroughly understands the transaction, it is simply better for all involved. They are more comfortable and less frustrated with the process. Fewer questions means they are more likely to get submissions more complete the first time. When everyone understands what they are doing, transactions move to closing faster.